how are you, sabbath ?

it`s been like 2 months since i`m in Jakarta , and i miss everything in my home so much, including Sabbath, my lovely cat whom i raise since he was little with his little sister, Voodoo ( forgive me for the unpleasant name, that time i was in love with those emo-ish things , aha ) which is gone now ( stolen by someone else. i hope people who stole voodoo would take care of him good :( ). i miss how he always meowing for food, and i miss how he always jump into my bed whenever i was doing something there. Although he`s skinny and i seldom give him good food, i still love him and i really pray that he won`t die before i get back to my hometown.

Sabbath is a tabby cat with flowerish patterns ( i dont know if my description is true or not , the thing is he look like the cat on this photo ) and he has a voice that simply makes my world go a little brighter. i love how he always has time for me whenever i got bored or something. I really hope mom and bro will take care of him good though.

i remember when there`s a time where i have to live in my uncle`s house and there was nobody at my house, and i forgot to put him put and he was locked inside my room for like 2 days ( poor him :( ). when i went home and i went into the house he was like crying and meowing hard for help, i quickly open my room and i saw him running out the house for some fresh-air :)) he was like pooing in my bed and it`s soooo stinky i have to seek Kevin`s help to wash that bed together :)) ah, those days. me and Kevin were like putting on some cloth in the nose as mask and Kevin looked like a ninja that tima. ahahaha :))

there really are a lot of memories with sabbath though. even mom who at first that doesn`t really approve me for raising him now adores him a lot . i wonder what`s he doing now. how are you, my darling ? :(

Miss him much :( hope he miss me too.


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