condition : sick .

so today i`m planning to finish all my homework , and leave no burden for the next and next next day ,
but problem just can`t stop bugging me . 8-|
i mean first , i woke up totally late (like at 1 pm) instead of waking up late ,
and next came this unwelcome rain ,
then came this annoying HEADACHE and INFLUENZA . ~x(

and guess what ?
i am lying helplessly on my bed with my blanket and blanky and my handphone on hand ( you know what ? i was trying to post this long useless article using my phone for like fucking million times but then it always failed by the accidental pressing of exit button , FML ) and i can do nothing but sneeze and wiping my nose :(



this afternoon when i`m done showering and i was squeezing my pimple i asked my big Sis how does my pimple look like , better or not , she said something really unexpected about my face ~x(

wanna know ?

well here is the convo ,
not really like this , but well , close though .

Me : Jie , how does my pimple look like ? better or not ? (touching my face)
Jie : (stares at my face) no difference lir .. in fact i think the pimples grow much more than before (which i think it`s not) ..
Me : haaaaa . (dissapointed)
Jie : (still staring my face and speaks with flat tone) oh , and i see you got some wrinkles liau ho
Me : WHATT ??!!!!! (disbelief + wtf + shocked :-O :-O ) no waaayyy !!!!!!! (look at my face immediately in the mirror) why got wrinkles ??!!!
Jie : you ask me i ask who laa , it`s not my face , ask yourself laa . but i think it`s because you always sleep late la .
Me : (still looking my face in disbelief and ugly expression with a lil bit of whining) hhheeee ... how can you see it ? i dont see any liii
Jie : your pore la , your pore gets bigger because you sleep late , then because of the big pore you got wrinkles loo
Me : (speak with a very sure tone) jie , next time nag me everytime i sleep very late ho
Jie : what laa . how .before i nag you i alreaady slept liao la
Me : what laaaa , please nag me laaaaa
Jie : okay laa okay laa . need teng tiau or not ? (laughs)
Me : .................... (frowns)

(forgive me for the heavy Singlish intonation above :D)

okay , just for some info , teng tiau written above is a Teochew word refers to a thin long bamboo used by aunties or mommies to deal with naughty kids .

How does it works ?

well ..
by whipping on the kids .

usually after whipping it will leave some red marks on the kid`s body or maybe bruises , and usually kids scared of them .
but trust me , it`s not as scary as written above la , especially when you`re big already ..
it doesn`t have any effects at all lol :))
but still hurt la .

okay .

back to the topic .

So sis say i got wrinkles .
ME ?
i mean please la stop kidding .
i only 17 y.o leh .
how does a 17 y.o got wrinkles already ?
because of sleeping late ?

oh , come on la .

that`s not a good reason leh for me .
i only sleep late for about few weeks nia leh .
already got wrinkles meh ?
not funny leh .
i don`t see any wrinkles for those who party and play computer games like crazy for 24 hours people leh .

then why me ?
ME ?

but besides that ,
there really no other reasons ..

okay fuck with those lucky ones la ,
that`s none of my business ,
what importat is from now on i have to change my sleep late habit !
i have to change !
i don`t wanna look like a 40 years old old hag while i`m only 20s later .



but how =_____=
i mean , i now am soooo addicted to blogging ,
i even use my bad quality phone to blog even it loads forever when my cxomputer is unavailable .
how then ??
HOWW ????


maybe i DO need a teng tiau , huh ?

oh , God .


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