basic design learning :)


so today i was learning basic design at my college . we learned about gradation , and we used a lot of colour pencil and yess , which i think it`s very colourful , so i snap some photos of me , my drawing and some friends of mine . hope you guys love it like i do :)

okay so this is me , just started to draw and put some colours to my work , sorry bout the messy hair and the broken lips though . i know it sucks :(

after a long while i decided to put masker on my face ( which my sister has bought for me weeks ago ) because the room is freezing , and i can`t breathe on cold air :( ( poor me ahahah ) the mask is cute though , look like a duck a lot people say , and i lovvveee eeett <3 ( of course without the whiskers , the mouth and the nose la :)) )

so i started on this blue colour .. which is cool , :)

then i messed up this brown + green one :(
gosh , it looks ugly but i`ve repaired it some though in the end .
thank goodness it`s still curable :))

this is melia , sitting next to me , busy drawing hers , too busy too notice someone is snapping her photos or maybe too busy to care :)) ( we chase time , we really do :( )

other friends who sits close to me which don`t really notice me snapping photos on them .. :))
well two of them noticed it though :))

this is my final work !
red lava to yellow , greenish to yellow , blue to red , marine blue ( which is my favourite ) , and the failed greenish + brown one :(

And finally , the work is done . :)

So , u`re asking what brand of pencil colour we use for drawing such a great colour , huh ?
our lecturer recommend us to use Faber Castell colour pencil made from Indonesia because it`s smooth and it`s easy to blend and rich of colours too . :)
but of course , you can use other brands which is cool too . ;)
i use Faber Castell with 48 different colours yaayyy :))

P.S :
here is some tips .
if you usually got problems colouring or drawing out of the line you can consider using a tape .
stick it beside the line of your drawing then voilla !
you can draw as hard and as out-of-the-line as you want because it`s already protected by the tape :))
for me , i`m using my sister`s not-so-sticky-tape to tape because i don`t want the paper to like torned or broken :))

then how do you find a not-so-sticky tape ?
well umm , idk , maybe you go find a cheap and low quality tape ? :P
usually low quality tape it`s not that sticky hahah lol :P
but actually drawing carefully is recommended though to practice our drawing skills :)

well , that`s it !
me and my friends sure enjoy that work though !
hopefully we`ll get a better and more fun learning :)
see ya !

( next ! cut and paste work coming right up ;) )


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