so today i was learning basic design at my college . we learned about gradation , and we used a lot of colour pencil and yess , which i think it`s very colourful , so i snap some photos of me , my drawing and some friends of mine . hope you guys love it like i do :)

okay so this is me , just started to draw and put some colours to my work , sorry bout the messy hair and the broken lips though . i know it sucks :(

after a long while i decided to put masker on my face ( which my sister has bought for me weeks ago ) because the room is freezing , and i can`t breathe on cold air :( ( poor me ahahah ) the mask is cute though , look like a duck a lot people say , and i lovvveee eeett <3 ( of course without the whiskers , the mouth and the nose la :)) )

so i started on this blue colour .. which is cool , :)

then i messed up this brown + green one :(
gosh , it looks ugly but i`ve repaired it some though in the end .
thank goodness it`s still curable :))

this is melia , sitting next to me , busy drawing hers , too busy too notice someone is snapping her photos or maybe too busy to care :)) ( we chase time , we really do :( )

other friends who sits close to me which don`t really notice me snapping photos on them .. :))
well two of them noticed it though :))

this is my final work !
red lava to yellow , greenish to yellow , blue to red , marine blue ( which is my favourite ) , and the failed greenish + brown one :(

And finally , the work is done . :)

So , u`re asking what brand of pencil colour we use for drawing such a great colour , huh ?
our lecturer recommend us to use Faber Castell colour pencil made from Indonesia because it`s smooth and it`s easy to blend and rich of colours too . :)
but of course , you can use other brands which is cool too . ;)
i use Faber Castell with 48 different colours yaayyy :))

P.S :
here is some tips .
if you usually got problems colouring or drawing out of the line you can consider using a tape .
stick it beside the line of your drawing then voilla !
you can draw as hard and as out-of-the-line as you want because it`s already protected by the tape :))
for me , i`m using my sister`s not-so-sticky-tape to tape because i don`t want the paper to like torned or broken :))

then how do you find a not-so-sticky tape ?
well umm , idk , maybe you go find a cheap and low quality tape ? :P
usually low quality tape it`s not that sticky hahah lol :P
but actually drawing carefully is recommended though to practice our drawing skills :)

well , that`s it !
me and my friends sure enjoy that work though !
hopefully we`ll get a better and more fun learning :)
see ya !

( next ! cut and paste work coming right up ;) )

it`s been like 2 months since i`m in Jakarta , and i miss everything in my home so much, including Sabbath, my lovely cat whom i raise since he was little with his little sister, Voodoo ( forgive me for the unpleasant name, that time i was in love with those emo-ish things , aha ) which is gone now ( stolen by someone else. i hope people who stole voodoo would take care of him good :( ). i miss how he always meowing for food, and i miss how he always jump into my bed whenever i was doing something there. Although he`s skinny and i seldom give him good food, i still love him and i really pray that he won`t die before i get back to my hometown.

Sabbath is a tabby cat with flowerish patterns ( i dont know if my description is true or not , the thing is he look like the cat on this photo ) and he has a voice that simply makes my world go a little brighter. i love how he always has time for me whenever i got bored or something. I really hope mom and bro will take care of him good though.

i remember when there`s a time where i have to live in my uncle`s house and there was nobody at my house, and i forgot to put him put and he was locked inside my room for like 2 days ( poor him :( ). when i went home and i went into the house he was like crying and meowing hard for help, i quickly open my room and i saw him running out the house for some fresh-air :)) he was like pooing in my bed and it`s soooo stinky i have to seek Kevin`s help to wash that bed together :)) ah, those days. me and Kevin were like putting on some cloth in the nose as mask and Kevin looked like a ninja that tima. ahahaha :))

there really are a lot of memories with sabbath though. even mom who at first that doesn`t really approve me for raising him now adores him a lot . i wonder what`s he doing now. how are you, my darling ? :(

Miss him much :( hope he miss me too.

Scary much @_____@
ini sumbernya .

bagi yang males buka-buka baca aja yang di bawah .

Mungkin foto-foto berikut ini tergolong menyeramkan dan tidak cocok dilihat oleh semua orang.
Seorang pria di Vietnam telah bertahun-tanhun tinggal serumah dengan kerangka istrinya. Pria berusia 55 tahun ini menggali sendiri kuburan isterinya tahun 2004, lalu ia mengambil kerangka dan melapisi kerangka istrinya dengan campuran lempung untuk membentuk figur seorang wanita, lalu memakaikan baju mendiang istrinya, dan meletakannya di tempat tidur..

Isteri pria tersebut sudah meninggal tahun 2003, dan ia selalu tidur di samping isterinya, namun ia khawatir akan kesehatan dirinya jika hujan atau cuaca yang tidak bersahabat. Alih-alih, ia menggali terowongan di kubur isterinya agar bisa tidur di dalam terowongan di sampung kuburan isterinya.

Akhirnya, seorang anaknya menemukan pria tadi yang suka tidur di kuburan sang ibu. Bapak dan anak itu pun memutuskan untuk membawa kerangka kerumah, pada tahun 2004.

Pria itu mengakui, hingga kini para tetangga enggan bertandang ke rumahnya, karena dirumahnya tersimpan kerangka isterinya. =_____="

Entah benar, entah tidak. Mungkin hanya bualan belaka. Tapi...Siapa yang tahu?
Menurut ane sih, seandainya kisah ini betul2 betul terjadi, mungkin cerita itu bs di sebut Cinta Sejati ato mungki sebaiknya pria tadi berkonsultasi ke dokter. :P

yang merasa aku uda ngopi , maaf sebesar2nya !
aku cuma berniat untuk membagi berita ini ke semua yang belu membaca kok , gak ada  niat lain ^___^
aku juga uda kasi link sumber di atas , jadi jangan marah lagi ya !

Peace ~

so today i`m planning to finish all my homework , and leave no burden for the next and next next day ,
but problem just can`t stop bugging me . 8-|
i mean first , i woke up totally late (like at 1 pm) instead of waking up late ,
and next came this unwelcome rain ,
then came this annoying HEADACHE and INFLUENZA . ~x(

and guess what ?
i am lying helplessly on my bed with my blanket and blanky and my handphone on hand ( you know what ? i was trying to post this long useless article using my phone for like fucking million times but then it always failed by the accidental pressing of exit button , FML ) and i can do nothing but sneeze and wiping my nose :(



this afternoon when i`m done showering and i was squeezing my pimple i asked my big Sis how does my pimple look like , better or not , she said something really unexpected about my face ~x(

wanna know ?

well here is the convo ,
not really like this , but well , close though .

Me : Jie , how does my pimple look like ? better or not ? (touching my face)
Jie : (stares at my face) no difference lir .. in fact i think the pimples grow much more than before (which i think it`s not) ..
Me : haaaaa . (dissapointed)
Jie : (still staring my face and speaks with flat tone) oh , and i see you got some wrinkles liau ho
Me : WHATT ??!!!!! (disbelief + wtf + shocked :-O :-O ) no waaayyy !!!!!!! (look at my face immediately in the mirror) why got wrinkles ??!!!
Jie : you ask me i ask who laa , it`s not my face , ask yourself laa . but i think it`s because you always sleep late la .
Me : (still looking my face in disbelief and ugly expression with a lil bit of whining) hhheeee ... how can you see it ? i dont see any liii
Jie : your pore la , your pore gets bigger because you sleep late , then because of the big pore you got wrinkles loo
Me : (speak with a very sure tone) jie , next time nag me everytime i sleep very late ho
Jie : what laa . how .before i nag you i alreaady slept liao la
Me : what laaaa , please nag me laaaaa
Jie : okay laa okay laa . need teng tiau or not ? (laughs)
Me : .................... (frowns)

(forgive me for the heavy Singlish intonation above :D)

okay , just for some info , teng tiau written above is a Teochew word refers to a thin long bamboo used by aunties or mommies to deal with naughty kids .

How does it works ?

well ..
by whipping on the kids .

usually after whipping it will leave some red marks on the kid`s body or maybe bruises , and usually kids scared of them .
but trust me , it`s not as scary as written above la , especially when you`re big already ..
it doesn`t have any effects at all lol :))
but still hurt la .

okay .

back to the topic .

So sis say i got wrinkles .
ME ?
i mean please la stop kidding .
i only 17 y.o leh .
how does a 17 y.o got wrinkles already ?
because of sleeping late ?

oh , come on la .

that`s not a good reason leh for me .
i only sleep late for about few weeks nia leh .
already got wrinkles meh ?
not funny leh .
i don`t see any wrinkles for those who party and play computer games like crazy for 24 hours people leh .

then why me ?
ME ?

but besides that ,
there really no other reasons ..

okay fuck with those lucky ones la ,
that`s none of my business ,
what importat is from now on i have to change my sleep late habit !
i have to change !
i don`t wanna look like a 40 years old old hag while i`m only 20s later .



but how =_____=
i mean , i now am soooo addicted to blogging ,
i even use my bad quality phone to blog even it loads forever when my cxomputer is unavailable .
how then ??
HOWW ????


maybe i DO need a teng tiau , huh ?

oh , God .

bener2 deh , aku harus cari cara supaya ak gak insomnia lagi .
ini bener2 mengganggu aktivitas kuliah ak .
huuufff . :-<

selagi menunggu capeknya diriku ,
aku membaca buku novel dari kakakku yang bernama Enchanted, Inc. by Shanna Swendson 

penasaran ama bukunya ?
baca aja . :P

Judul Asli : ENCHANTED, INC.
Copyright (C) 2005 by Shanna Swendson
Alih Bahasa : Pepi Smith
Cover Illustration by Yasmin Hadisubroto
Penerbit : Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Cetakan ke-01 : September 2007 , 408 hlm
Sinopsis Cerita :
Kathleen 'Katie' Chandler, gadis dari kota kecil di Texas sebelumnya sering mendengar berbagai kisah & kejadian aneh yang dialami oleh pendatang di kota sebesar New York. Bahkan teman-temannya yang telah lama menetap diNew York sering bercanda bahwa sekalipun ada makhluk luar angkasa yang sedang berjalan-jalan di Broadway, halitu akan dianggap sebagai kejadian biasa yang tak akan mengundang perhatian banyak orang. Walau Katie sering menganggap bahwa canda mereka sangat keterlaluan - namun dalam beberapa hari ini ia mulai menganggap kemungkinan mereka benar. Contohnya pagi ini, ia melihat dengan jelas ada cewek lewat di depannya dengan memakai sayap - sayapnya kelihatan benar-benar asli, bergoyang melambai ditiup angin, tidak nampak seperti sekedar tempelan pada kostum-kostum. Anehnya orang-orang lain tampak tak peduli, hanya ia yang tampak sedikit ternganga (bayangkan, musim Hallowen saja masih sekitar 1 bulan lagi) 
Tapi Katie tetap berusaha menyesuaikan diri (meski ia sudah menetap selama 1 tahun, tapi masih banyak hal yang ia belum terbiasa), dan termasuk hari ini ia harus melepas pikiran dari pengalaman pagi yang aneh untuk menghadapi atasannya yang luar biasa - Mimi, yang menguras habis pikiran & tenaganya & masih menuntut kerja extra dari Katie. Akan tetapi gangguan pada pagi ini muncul dalam bentuk lain, kiriman e-mail aneh beberapa kali muncul di komputernya. Ketika Katie periksa, isinya penawaran pekerjaan dari perusahaan bernama MSI, Inc. dengan pesan 'Jangan diabaikan!'. Walau sangat tergoda untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut (siapa pun yang bekerja dengan atasan seperti Mimi akan mengalami godaan untuk segera pindah), Katie tidak menghiraukan e-mail itu lebih lanjut.
Kejadian demi kejadian aneh berikutnya dialami oleh Katie, bukan hanya di kantor, dalam perjalanan pulang, saat bersantai dengan teman-temannya, membawa Katie pada penawaran kerja yang dikirim ulang ke komputernya. Ternyata penawaran (serius, bukan main-main) berasal dari perusahaan unik bernama MSI, Inc. atau dikenal sebagai Magic, Spells & Illusions, Inc - perusahaan yang memproduksi mantra-mantra untuk dunia sihir (ya, dunia sihir ternyata ada bukan sekedar khayalan atau dongeng semata). Katie ditawari posisi sebagai konsultan khusus karena ia memiliki kemampuan yang ternyata cukup langka yaitu 'kebal sihir'. Artinya Katie adalah manusia biasa tanpa kemampuan sihir sehingga ia mampu melihat kenyataan sebenarnya bukan ilusi sihir / mantra yang dirapal & ia tidak mudah terpengaruh. Di satu sisi Katie menjadi lega, ternyata ia tidak gila karena melihat peri bersayap, patung 'gargoyle' yang ternyata bukan benda mati sehingga bisa berpindah-pindah - namun di sisi lain ia sedikit ngeri namun tertarik dengan dunia sihir yang sama sekali baru baginya. Seperti atasan barunya yang bisa berubah menjadi monster hijau mengerikan (mirip Hulk), naik transportasi unik yaitu permadani terbang, atau berjalan-jalan dengan teman-teman barunya & menyelamatkan para pangeran yang dikutuk menjadi kodok (ya, dengan cara sama seperti dalam dongeng-tentukan kodok pilihan & ciumlah, maka ia akan berubah menjadi pangeran abad lampau). Kenangan yang lebih baik dilupakan oleh Katie, terutama saat menemukan pria yang disihir sehingga mengira dirinya kodok & harus diselamatkan dengan dicium supaya kembali 'normal'. Ternyata berbuntut panjang karena mantra tersebut membuat pria yang bernama Philip mengutit Katie yang dianggap sebagai penyelamatnya.
Beruntunglah ada beberapa orang yang membantunya beradaptasi & mempelajari tentang dunia sihir. Salah satunya adalah Owen Palmer, cowok keren yang disukainya sejak pertama kali bertemu di kereta bawah tanah. Maka sejak Katie keluar dari tindasan Mimi & bekerja di MSI, Inc. karirnya melonjak apalagi sejak sang CEO memilih dirinya sebagai asisten langsung (ngomong-ngomong CEO-nya adalah Mr. Ambrose Mervyn yang tidak lain adalah sang penyihir besar kerajaan, Merlin). Namun masalah besar muncul, dimulai sejak Katie tanpa sengaja 'menangkap' orang yang menyelundup masuk kantor dengan tujuan memata-matai. Orang tersebut adalah anak buah Phelan Idris, salah seorang bekas bawahan Owen Palmer yang bekerja di bagian Research & Development, tapi dikeluarkan karena ketahuan menyalah gunakan mantra-mantra hitam agar dapat dipasarkan.
Mendadak tugas Katie bukan hanya sekedar analisa & pengamatan untuk meningkatkan segi marketing pemasaran mantra, tapi juga memikirkan strategi yang tepat melawan Phelan Idris yang mulai memasarkan produk-produknya yang berbahaya. Bahkan nyawa Katie pun terancam karena Phelan Idris menganggap Katie sudah ikut campur terlalu jauh. Katie harus meminta bantuan pihak lain, yaitu Ethan, pengacara properti intelektual, mantan teman kencan Marcia teman se-apartment-nya. Ethan harus diyakinkan terlebih dahulu, untuk dapat membantu perusahaan melawan oknum-oknum Phelan Idris. Di luar dugaan, Katie mengalami pengalaman mengejutkan saat pertemuannya dengan Ethan. Hal itu akan menentukan peristiwa besar berikutnya yang akan dihadapi katie - Tantangan "Duel Sihir" yang dilontarkan oleh pihak Phelan Idris ..... dan Katie harus ikut serta.

eheheheheh ..
tertarik gak ? :))
sebetulnya ni cuplikan aku ambil dari link ini , karena aku sendiri belom begitu pandai ngomong apalagi cerita , jadi minta maaf saja ya .. :D

P.S : aku udah tau alasan mengapa dia berubah menjadi baik kepadaku .

he said he wanna make me happy .


and then dia menghilang .
dia bilang dia mo tidur .
seriously ?

that doesn`t make me happy at all .
i mean , risking your own happiness for me ?

ah .

come on .
i love you .

aku pengennya kita berdua bahagia .
aku gak pengen kebahagiaan sepihak , yang membuat kamu menderita !
kalau kayak gini , mana bisa hubungan kita bertahan lama ?
duh . :-<

pengen bikin title bar , favicon ama emoticon yang lucu2 tapi gak bisa , gak pandai T____T
hiks .
somebody help me ~

what would you feel if your boyfriend hates everything that you wanna do ,
always disagree etc ,
but then suddenly ,
out of nowhere ,
he just change 180 degrees and become this little angel that you can`t resist ? :-|

well , if you never felt it before , i do .
and i tell you , it`s weird :-|
soooooo weird .
i mean , he don`t even tell me why he changed !
hhhmm i don`t know ,
maybe he already woke up from his evil part and then realize he`s too cruel to me ? :-?
jiaahh , whatever ~

the important thing is ,
i like his changes :">
i really do ,
and i like how sweet he is now :">
it`s like , everything become as sweet as the first time we dated !

lol , i don`t know what happen ,
but i like itttttt <3 <3 <3
hopefully everything goes like this forever WITH reasonable reason a , beebee :-w

susan & kevin
02 October 2009

i don`t know what it`s called
but this feeling ,
this sweet feeling in my heart ,
i don`t wan`t anything to change it .
i want it inside my heart ,
always ,
until the end of our lives .
i love you

Updated via low quality phone *grins* :D okay , i was planning to continue this article THE NEXT MORNING , not minutes after the post before cos it's already like 1 AM and i am supposed to be sleeping now but God , i can't . This blogger is making me so addicted , and it's not a good thing =.= (dont eat , dont sleep , dont shower *eewww* , u still think it's okay ?) . Okay . Let's continue to discuss the topic . So the poor victim's secrets got revealed by the gossip queen and the victim can't do anything while the two-faced bitch smiles in satisfaction . Really cruel eh ? But thats what two-faced people do . The cases above is not real lah but usually two-faced people act like that . Yea, i know . LOOK KIND BUT ACTUALLY DANGEROUS . Why two-faced people act like that then ? This question is still not answered . Well i dont really know much cos i dont really wanna care but according to my own opinion , usually two-faced people act like that because she wanna claim popularity in a 'bad' way but still look nice , or because SHE JUST LIKE TO BADMOUTH PEOPLE . Oh , trust me . There really do has a habit like that . Then how am i suppose to know whose two-faced and whose not ? Well first of all , before you become a friend of somebody , make sure she has a good reputation in overall people's view. If most of the people you ask says she's very nice then green light , that person is safe from two-faced syndrome . But if most of the people says she's a bitch , well you better keep some distance or if you persist to be friends with her , it's better if you don't share your secrets to her . Second , if you borrow something from a person and she is a two-faced person , usually it's obvious from her face that she don't like it but she pretend to don't mind it. If so , you better return something you plan to borrow or else some unpleasant gossip about you might spread out . Last , if you already have a friend that's two-faced and coincidencely that's your best friend , tell her being two-faced bitch is not a good thing. We really need to decrease the population of two-faced people in this world or else this world gonna be messed up by those bitches . Overall i wanna say that this is just my opinion , and if somebody don't like to read it , then well , dont read it . :) and yea , i know , my grammar sucks . No need to tell me , i know it already and im learning , ok . So jurt stfu . 8-| oh well , looks like imma go to bed then , tomorrow got class , and i cant wait to meet my friends ! You're the best , guys ! :-* good nite ~ meow` :3 Photobucket
Updated via low quality phone *grins* God this insomnia is keeping me awake for like , already 1 month continuously or maybe more . I gotta find a way out to solve this or else imma be effed up for sure . ESPECIALLY MY EYES . OH GOD . GOD . *trying to blog and struggle under the lightness of handphone in the darkness of room , ffffffuuuuuu!! And i know you know how it feels* Well then let's talk about the topic in the title above then . TWO-FACED PEOPLE . Known as kind person in front and then go bitchy behind you . I'm pretty sure everybody has a kind of friend like this , or if not , at least acquintance . Well i sure got a lot of not-to-close friends who are so two-faced , and that's why i'm not too close to them . Let's talk about this kind of person . The first question i really wanna know the answer is : WHY THOSE TWO-FACED PEOPLE HAS TWO FACES ?? Whats the advantage of being a two-faced person ? I mean like , wtf with being nice in front of people and then the next thing you know she bad-mouthed you behind your back ? ( i use the word 'she' because 90% of two-faced people usually is a female ) what does she earn being a person like that ? Get called as gossip-queen or cool people ? COME ON . Like , it's even far from the word cool . I have this friend who have a lot of connections , she is funny , and as far as i know , she does look nice in front of people (thats why she has many friends and connections!) But what the people whom she being nice with doesn't even have a clue that deep down , behind the person's back , she curse and bad-mouthed like hell ! Example : in front of people : Anonymous : can i borrow your jacket for one more week please ? I need it so much and btw your jacket is nice too , please ? :( the two-faced : well sure ! Why not ? I dont need it anyway ! Then behind that anonymous' back : the two-faced : fuck that bitch , i was going to wear that to my friend's birthday ! That bitch is so shameless , no wonder she got no friend ! Me : ............ (what a two-faced bitch) what would the anonymous feel if she hears it ? How could the two-faced say her like that, while the two-faced herself said it's ok to borrow her jacket for one more week ? If you dont like it , and you need it , just say it , bitch . No need to fake like that ! There are other case that's worse than the case above , which the two-faced people reveals somebody's super secret to others . Example : the victim : hey .. You know what ? i just got screwed up by Justin (random name). He's fantastic . But i'm just 13 . Do u think it's okay for me to have sex this early age ? Oh , and btw , only you i tell this secret with . I trust you . Dont tell anyone, okay ? It will like , destroy my future :( the two-faced : oh that's great ! Congrats ! And it's totally okay like , come on , nowadays , who doesn't have sex , right ? And relax , you can count on me . Your secret is totally safe with me . An hour later .. The two-faced : hey , hot news , guess what , victim had sex with justin ! OMG like a 13 year old girl ? I cant believe it ! And blablabla .. *reveals secret* the gossip queen : wow, great gossip . Imma tell the whole world in a sec . And in seconds, everybody knows and the poor victim cant do anything while the two-faced bitch smiles in satisfaction . To be continued .. my phone gonna blow up liau la , cant take too many text T_____T stupid phone . Well keep stay tuned for the part II ! ;-) Photobucket
Updated via low quality phone *grins* You know what ? This place i live in for a few months already has a really2 bad points for hygiene . None of the rooms have cleanliness , well not none , maybe still have a lil' bit of cleanliness la . You ask why neh ? And not convinced ? Well let me tell you la how dirty it is . Lately the toilet has the most points for filthiness . Why ? Imagine la , you go in , preparing to take a shower , then suddenly you realize that there's a dozen of small tiny annoying flies flying around the bathroom , preparing to see you naked . How uncomfortable is that you think ne ? "don't your house have a maid meh ?" Yup , sure , of course my house DO have a maid la . But believe me , the maid doesn't change anything . I dont really know whats she doing here in this house too , really , besides laundrying and ironing our clothes . Okay , back to our topics . If you still can tolerate that fly creature in your toilet , you definitely gonna scream 'eeewww' after reading what i saw below this text . Yesterday , as you see , i blog until liek midnight and when i wanna pee , i saw this creature , this brown creature with antena near the kitchen . Yes , COCKROACH . And whats makes it worse , THE COCKROACH IS IN A PAN , with leftover food in it . Eekkh i was like eewww though , and like ran away . Thank God the room i live dont have many creatures , just ants and lizard . This house really needs a serious improving of hygiene , or else no one would really want to live here for a long time kai la . Photobucket
Lately my head`s hurting like hell .
i dont know why , but it hurts like my brain`s gonna shrink .
is it because of internetting too much , not enough sleep or aging ?
i`m not really sure about thje aging thing , but the other 2 maybe happening .
lately i like to surf internet (especially customizing my blog) and sleep late alot .
i spend most of my time surfing the internet and my eyes keep staring the monitor , hours and hours .
is it because of that , i got this uncontrollably headache ?
well i tried to google it though ,
and i found this :
1. Bos Ya, si bos atau pekerjaan kerap kali memicu rasa nyut-nyut di kepala. Faktanya, semua hal yang menimbulkan ketegangan atau stres akan membuat kita lebih mudah terserang sakit kepala atau migren. Sakit kepala yang disebabkan oleh ketegangan emosional ini disebut sakit kepala fungsional atautension headache.
Penderita sakit kepala ini sering merasakan otot-otot di bagian leher belakang kaku dan menegang. Pijatan ringan di bagian tersebut bisa mengurangi sakit kepala, namun setelah beberapa saat keluhan akan kembali muncul.
2. Udara panas Kenaikan suhu udara seringkali menyebabkan timbulnya migren atau sakit kepala berat. Dalam sebuah studi diketahui 7,5 persen responden mengalami sakit kepala saat udara panas.
3. Aroma yang terlalu kuat Pernahkah Anda merasa pusing gara-gara mencium aroma parfum? Aroma bau yang kuat, bahkan yang wangi, umumnya menyebabkan kepala pusing. Belum diketahui mengapa hal ini terjadi. Namun para ahli menduga bau yang memiliki aroma kuat merangsang sistem saraf. Selain parfum, bau cat, bunga, atau debu, sering menyebabkan kepala berdenyut.
4. Aksesori rambut Cara kita memperlakukan rambut bisa berpengaruh kepada kepala. Mengikat rambut terlalu kencang bisa membuat jaringan tisu di kepala menjadi tegang dan mengundang sakit kepala. Bando, jepit rambut, juga topi yang terlalu sempit akan menyebabkan efek yang sama.
5. Olahraga Olahraga yang terlalu berat, termasuk juga hubungan seks, juga bisa menyebabkan sakit kepala. Kegiatan fisik yang berlebihan bisa membuat pembuluh darah di kepala dan leher bengkak dan tertekan. Sakit kepala yang disebabkan olahraga atau seks lebih mudah menyerang orang yang sering terkena migren.
6. Postur tubuh Bukan hanya olahraga memeras keringat yang bisa menyebabkan tekanan pada otot leher dan kepala. Postur tubuh yang terbentuk dari kebiasaan sehari-hari pun bisa menimbulkan sakit kepala. Sebut saja kebiasaan duduk dengan posisi bahu membungkuk, duduk tanpa sandaran, menatap monitor komputer yang posisinya terlalu tinggi atau rendah, atau mengapit telepon antara kuping dan pundak. Bila akhir-akhir ini Anda sering diserang sakit kepala, saatnya memperbaiki postur tubuh Anda sehari-hari.
6. Keju Pemicu sakit kepala sebelah, alias migren, yang paling sering adalah keju, termasuk cheddar, blue cheese, mozzarella dan parmesan. Penyebabnya adalah tyramine, yang terbentuk dari protein yang sudah dipecah, yang ada dalam keju. Makin panjang proses makanan atau minuman, makin banyaktyramine yang dikandungnya.
7. Red wine Tyramine juga bisa kita temukan dalam red wine dan minuman keras. Alkohol yang terkandung dalam minuman itu akan meningkatkan aliran darah ke otak, sehingga kepala pun terasa pusing.
8. Melewatkan makan siang Perut kosong gara-gara tak sempat makan siang pada sebagian orang kerap menyebabkan sakit kepala. Selain pusing, perut kosong juga membuat gula darah turun, akibatnya tubuh terasa lemas. Segeralah makan siang dengan gizi seimbang. Hindari mengonsumsi makanan manis, seperti cokelat untuk mengisi perut kosong. Gula dari makanan manis akan membuat gula darah melambung untuk kemudian turun lebih rendah lagi.
9. Rokok Merokok termasuk dalam penyebab sakit kepala, bukan cuma terhadap orang yang merokok, tetapi juga perokok pasif di sekitarnya. Kandungan nikotin akan menyebabkan pembuluh darah ke otak menyempit, akibatnya aliran darah ke otak berkurang.
10. Kafein Orang-orang yang sering sakit kepala biasanya bersahabat dengan kopi. Kafein memang bisa menjadi kawan sekaligus lawan. Faktanya, beberapa jenis obat sakit kepala mengandung kafein di dalamnya. Namun di lain pihak, kafein juga bisa menyebabkan sakit kepala.
i only got that cos my internet`s slow as bitch .
i mean , wtf ?
that got nothing to do with my headache !
i dont have boss , i dont drink wine , i dont drink coffee , but i got headache ?
that doesn`t make sense to me .
oh well .
friendship .
something precious you can`t trade with anything else in this world .
precious moments , happy memories will always kept inside your heart .
whenever you need them , they`ll be there for you .
friendship .
happiness , sadness , anger , and dissapointment ,
all of them .
you share it with them , you confess it with them .
friendship is the best .
neti , pinge , ddeg , viol , mithek , boim , melia , anton , icad , dika , deedee , kei , evelyn , juli , miley , hendra , kendra , ferdian , vivian , fie ni , stella , dll dll ...
i love you guys :-*
setelah ngutak-atik yahoo ama facebook gak jelas , facebook ak kembali lagi , dengan password yang berbeda ..
muahahahahaha ~
di periksa2 , ternyata facebook ak di phishing .
phishing adalah pencurian informasi yang sensitif seperti emel dan passord gtu .
ternyata setelah dipikir2 , kmrn ak pernah log in ke website facebook yang aneh , dan di linknya ada tulisan sex dll gtu .
tapi ak gak menghiraukannya , ak kira emang ada kaitnya gtu .
ehh ,, gak taunya website facebook palsu .. (sial) x(
pesan dari aku , readers , lain kali kalo mo log in facebook liat2 dlu ya websitenya , ada ambah embel2 gak , misalnya gak tau gmana/yg penting sejenis ginian/ jangan di log in dlu ya !
masukin lagi website yang bener , , baru kalo uda terliat bener , baru log in ..
okehh !
dan terutama yang sering maen diwarnet , hati2 !
barusan waktu facebook ak diphishing dan ak cari2 google infonya , katanya biasa di warnet ada program yang namanya keylogger gtu , yang bisa nge-hack facebook orang jga ..
jadi , kalo jmo log in di warnet tiap log in jangan di simpan ya passwordnya !
ati2 aja deh pkoknya ~
sialan .
cari masalah e tu orang .
gak tau dia e dia berurusan ama sapa .
berani2nya nge-hack facebook ak .
mending jangan macem2 e .
sampe skarang ak liat facebok ak masi baek2 aja , cuma emel ama pass aja yang diganti tuh binatang .
jangan sampe lah e macam2 .
tengok lah ko kalo berani macam2 .
sial ...
ak sumpahin tak reinkarnasi aja lah ko .
terinspirasi dari cerpen bagus :)
heheheheheh ..
Semua berawal dari hari itu, bulan Agustus , bulan2 kemerdekaan , dimana aku disuruh mengikuti gerak jalan ama Frizi , sahabatku ..
ia memintaku untuk menjadi komandan gerak jalan 17km , dimana ak menolak2 mentah2 tapi setelah bujukannya berhari2 and menjanjikan , aku menerimanya dengan berat hati ..
Pada hari H itu lah , ak mengenal banyak dari teman2 Frizi, termasuk dia ..
tubuhnya kurus , agak gelap kulitnya dan berwjah biasa2 saja ..
pada saat itu ak gak begitu tertarik dengannya , dan ak gak terlalu menghiraukannya ..
Jadi there`s nothing special about him in my heart .. Sampai dimana ketika kami mulai berkenalan satu sama lain , ak dikasih nomor handphone anak2 gerak jalan termasuk dia ..
Nama julukannya aneh , "uing" .... (maap bagi yang uda merasa)
Aku senym sekaligus tertarik dengan nama itu , jadi ak mulai cari tau siapa orangnya ..
Beberapa hari berikutnya , kami semua berencana untuk berbuka puasa bareng , dan semua menghadirinya termasuk dia .. Pada awalnya ak belom tau yang mana satu yang bernama "uing" itu , jadi ak tanya2 Frizi dan temen lainnya ..
Setelah ditunjuk ama temenku ...
Oh my God ..
Ntah mengapa , jntungku berdetak kencang ketika melihatnya , dan ak langsung jatuh cinta pada saat itu juga .. Aku merapikan rambut dan pakaianku , berharap sedikit dia melirikku .. Heheheh , namanya juga jatuh cinta ..
Aku menggnakan kesempatan ini untuk sedikit mengenal dia , dan ternyata , orangnya cukup pendiam , tapi kalo uda ngmg lucu , dan kalo uda serius menusuk .. Just the way i wanted , dan ak semakin menyukainya . Sayangnya , dia beda kepercayaan dengan aku , dan ak tau orang tua dan keluargaku pasti punya msalah dengan hal ini .. Tapi itu tidak membuat ak putus asa .
Hari-hari berikutnya ak kasi tau ke temen2ku , ak suka padanya . ak pengen bersamanya dan ak pengen dekat ama dia . Temen2ku membantu ak , tapi ada juga yang malah menjodohinya dengan orang lain .. Pokoknya jatuh bangun lah ak mengejarnya , sampai dimana dia menjadi milikku .. Dan kami saling menerima kelebihan dan kekurangan masing2 ..
2 Oktober 2009 . ( Nana dan Uing ) .
Happy with him ..
Sayang dia ...
Selama 8 bulanan lebih kami menjalin hubugan pcaran dengan bahagia .
Masalah dan halangan datang berbondong-bondong mengahadapi dan berniat untuk menghancurkan hubungan ini , tapi itu tidak membuat kami menyerah .
Kami sama-sama senang , dan kami berharap hubungan ini berlangsung dengan lancar .
Kami sama-sama berharap hubungan ini bisa sampai pada jenjang pernikahan , dan bisa live happily ever after seperti cerita2 di dongeng .
Sampai dimana kita harus terpisah oleh jarak untuk mengejar pendidikan masing2 ..
kita mulai lemah .
mulai putus asa .
mulai berkelahi dan mulai menyerah dengan smua ini .
Kami selalu membohongi diri sendri bahwa semua akan baik-baik saja , tapi ternyata kenyataan tidak begitu .
Kami jatuh bangun ..
Dan sekarang , ak maupun dia , sudah lelah .
Ntah gimana lagi arus mempertahankan hubungan ini .
Sudah sama-sama ingin akhirin , dan sama-sama ingin memulai hidup baru ..
Tapi ak dan uing sama2 gak bisa pungkiri , kami masih sama-sama bener2 mencintai .
Kenangan yang sudah di ukir perlahan-lahan takkan bisa diganti atau dilupakan sedikitpun .
Apa yang harus kami lakukan ?
To be continued ....
try to be strong
try to believe
try to pretend
everthing`s okay
learn to lie
learn to hope
but reality`s out there
you cannot deny ..
eyes keeping tears
hearts keeping stress
minds keeping depression
slowly it`s killing you
and when the time comes
you`ll know
that everything you believe
it`s all fake ..
keep running
keep hiding !
keep pretending ..
until memories fade away ..
sedihnya meliat foto2 mereka .
asik2 banget , pada have fun smua :(
dan ak ?
justin bieber parody :))
i woke up this evening on around 7 pm , and i looked at my phone .
no sms from him .
how come he can ignores me like that while i`m always hoping that he`ll text me ?
while im dreaming i dreamt about him ,
and him ,
and him ,
and him ,
and HIM .
and then when i woke up i realize i really miss him . alot .
is he missing me like i miss him ?
problems keep coming between us .
i cant believe for 1 whole month JUST BEFORE OUR ANNIVERSARY our relationship was ruined because of something unimportant .
i wonder whats he thinking ?
how come he just easily like , get mad and emotional of something ?
i dont understand .
i dont understand how he look and treat this relationship .
i wanna understand him but ,
he`s just too difficult to understand ..
i`m not blaming him for everything that happen between us .
i`m at fault too .
but you see , he`s always the one who creates argument when everything goes alright ..
i try to ignore it , but i can`t .
is he the right one for me ?
well this question keep coming to my head .
is he the one ?
is he the one that can make my life happier ?
is he the one that willing to go through all the sadnesss and happiness in my life with me ?
as far as whats happening now ,
i really cant answer that he`s the right one ..
the only one ..
cos i cant deny ,
he often makes me cry , although now i cant really cry because i live together with my sis .
but he makes me go depressed .
he makes me stressed up ,
and what makes me decide harder if he`s the one is strangely , i love him .
i love him very mych ..
somehow deep down in this heart i love everything about him .
or maybe something about him , that i can`t find it in other guys .
just like eminem`s one of the lyrics , i love him too much to walk away now ..
i really can`t decide what should i do now .
i`ve tried to break up with him ,
twice ,
but i can`t ,
it`s just making me more depressed cos i can`t concentrate doin` anything ,
i just think of him , and him ..
but if i keep together with him ,
i have to accept everything that happens between us .
like he make me cry , or break my heart , or whatever ..
idk which should i choose .
i really am confused .
what should i do ?
what ?
i really am so so tired ..
only one word , FUCKS .
it hurts like hell !
tambah lagi ak arus kuliah , dan perjalanan dari kos ke kuliah ak memakan waktu 1 jam ato bhkan lebih .
sial !
tau gak sih tadi aja wktu lagi jalan , pinggang dan perut ak sakit banget , saking sakitnya ak tu ampe susah mo berdiri ,
(but in this cruel and sinful world nobody notice it or they even PRETEND to unnotice it) jadi ak mau gak mau nahan sakit ak tu lah .
siaall ....
sumpah sampai sekarang ak belom terbiasa kali ama rutinitas idup jakarta nih ,
dulu di pinang ak bisa bermalas2n , dan waktu ak tu panjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang banget .
sekarang , mo istirahat aja tu gak ada waktu gila .
ni kota ama orang2 yang tinggal di jakarta ni emang slslu sibuk ya .
huhhhh ...
capek banget ak , bener deh :((
really really needs a vacation , especially when i`m on my period like this !
Oh busway jakarta ,
jasamu sangat lah besar ,
tiap hari mengantar beratus2 penumpang , dari pagi sampai malam , tiada henti ...
PREETTT* stop puitisnya deh , gak banget , ak mana bisa puitis hahaha :))
to the point aja deh ,
jadi gini nih ,
tadi sore tuh ak abis dari kampus , mu pulang ,
kebetulan jarak dari kampus k kos ak tuh jauh banget ,
arus transit 3 halte
( dari grogol k harmoni , trus transit k blok m , turun di dukuh atas , trus dari dukuh atas baru k manggarai ) ,
nahh ,
sore itu hujan .
jadi jalanan pada macet ,
karena apa ak pun gak tau ,
yang ak pengen request adalah :
Tulung dong di limitin jumlah penumpang maksimal pda 1 buswaaayyy :(
soalnya tadi sumpah , parah banget !
waktu perjalanan ak dari duku atas k manggarai tuh busway yang ak naiik tuu paaaaaadet bukan main ,
bener2 padat sampe ak tuu gak bisa gerak !
uda bener2 gak ada bedanya lagi ama ayam2 atau binatang2 lain yang disangkar rame2 gtu .
sumpah , bner2 sesak !
mana ak berjam2 gak ada duduk lagi ,
alhasil pinggang ak dan pinggul ak serasa mo copot ,
hhheeuuhh !
selain itu , lebih bagus jga kalau halte buswaynya di perluas ,
dan ditambah beberapa atau banyak kursi , biar penumpang selagi menunggu bisa mrasakan nyaman gtu , buswaynya jga ditambah beberapa supaya gak lama nggu ,
plus kalo bisa ,
peraturan pada busway ak beerharap banget , mohon diperketat lagi !
misalnya penumpang tuu gak diperbolehkan untuk berdiri pas didepan pintu busway gtu karena berbahaya ,
ataupun petugas dalam busway yang bener2 memantau penumpangnya agar gak terjadi pelecehan seksual pada wanita yang sering banget kita denger skarang gtu loh !
bukan cuma menjaga pintu busway yang dikeluar masuki penumpang ,
hhmmm ini cuma pendapat ak sih ,
tentunya untuk sekarang sudah bagus karena busway uda jadi sarana transportasi yang murah skaligus bersih ,
tapi ak bener2 berharap busway bisa lebih baik lagi daripada yang sekarang ,
dan terutama ;
No more padet2n ampe kayak sangkar lagi pliiiss !!
apa yang dilakukan dia ya ?
dia uda bangun belum ya ?
dia mikirin ak gak ya ?
dia kuliah bandel gak ya ?
dia ada macem2 gak ya ?
dia kepikiran gak sih ama ak ?
dia masi sayang gak sih ama ak ?
dia masi puna niat ato gak ya ma ak ?
apa ak arus sms dia ya ?
apa ak arus luapkan isi hati ak ya ?
ato ak arus lupakan aja .. ?
apa yang arus ak lakukan ?
i really cant believe everything goes this fast ..
from my pretty relationship that blooms and welt ,
from my life from school to college ..
i just cant believe , he`s gone already .
gone from my life , live apart .
i dont even know what he`s doing there , wish i know ..
i hope he comes back someday to me ,
and asl me to continue this relationship again ..
i cant lie , i really messed up without him .
without knowing it , i miss him a lot ,
and i think of him everytime ..
what should i do ?
what should i do ???
should i ask him to come back ,
or just let it go ..?
gilak !!
tadi waktu aku pulang dari kuliah sekitar jam 5an gitu ,
ak butuh 2 jam perjalanan baru sampe kos aku ,
dan parahnya lagi ,
ramai ; macet cet cet !!
gila tau gak sih ,
halte dukuh atas tu uda kayak orang ngantri sembako aja , bahkan lebih lebai dari itu ,
masak setengah dari jembatan penyebrangan ampe penuh dgan antrian ?
gila gak , bisa bayangin gak sih kamu ? hhhhh gilak 8-|
then that makes me really think and imagine ,
what really jakarta would look like at the future ?
is it better , i mean the environment , the transportation and the people ?
ato worse ?
if it`s better , what would it look like ?
teleportation ?
flying cars ?
people with flying skaters so that no one have to walk again ?
if it`s worse , what would it look like ?
traffic yang semaaaaaaaaakin panjang (ato bahkan mpe berhari2 trafficnya kayak negara lain) ?
mobil yang makin lama makin bobrok ?
ato orang yang smakin lama smakin banyak populasinya ?
we all don`t know :)
yang penting adalah sekarang sih , gmana cara orang Indonesia mengembangkannya .
mudah2n negara ini berkembang deh .. amiiinnn :)
maaf , ini repost dari kaskus .
ak cuma pengen berbagi k semua orang yang belom membaca aja .
bagi ak ini bener2 so sweet banget .
kalo mao liat langsung dari sumbernya klik disini aja .
Luar biasa, walau mereka binatang yang berlainan jenis tapi kasih sanyang monyet pada seekor kucing ini sungguh menyentuh perasaan kita manusia yang menyaksikannya. Inilah yang terjadi di Ubud bali yang berhasil diabadikan oleh seorang fotografer Anne Young dan dimuat di situs Luar Negeri Treehugger, Rabu 25 Agustus 2010 lalu.
Monyet dengan penuh kasih menyayangi kucing yang di adopsi di sebuah hutan di Ubud Bali
Bagaimana kita bisa mengambil sebuah pelajaran dari seekor hewan yang tidak diberkati dengan akal namun mampu membagi kasih dengan binatang lain beda jenis, bagaimana dengan kita manusia yang diberkati Tuhan akal, mampukan kita berbagi kasih dengan sesama, walau beda suku, agama, keyakinan, golongan dan pilihan politik. Apakah kita bisa ikhlas berbagi kasih tanpa pamrih dan tidak membenci pihak lain yang berbeda dengan kita?
kalo mo liat videonya silahkan k link sumbernya yang kuberi di atas tadi .
stelah berjam-jam stress , gak dapat inspirasi buat tugas , dan stelah menggambar 1/4 dari tugas ku yang disuruh menggambar kursi ( u think i`m lebai, cuma kursi aja mpe sgtunya, tapi kalo kamu blajar desain kamu bkal ngerti , believe me [-( ) akhirnya ak berniat untuk nge-blog sebentar , refreshing n ngetrash dkit . ehehehehhh :)) stelah seminggu lebaran dan kos sepi seperti rumah hantu yang banyak tikus dan kcoaknya , smua balik seperti semula lagi . suara mbak Helen yang mengisi rumah , suara anak2nya yang lagi main dan triak2 ( kadang agak sdikit mngganggu sih hahah :D ) , dan orang2 yang tinggal d lantai atas , smua uda pulang , uda d kos trus .. ihihihi , welcome home >:d< senang banget deh rasanya , tiap malem kalo mo pipis gak bakalan takut lagi , kayak dulu waktu liburan , kalo lagi pipis kpala clingak cllinguk liat kmana2 trs takut ada "sesuatu" yang lagi meliat gtu .. you know what i mean rite ? "sesuatu" ? :-S anyways , imma get back doing mah work again deh , uda mulai malem n deadlinenya BESOK !!! jadi aku arus cepet2 siapin ~x( chaoooo :-h
kamu suka bikin avatar gak ?
then try these website ! ;)
heeeheeee :)) ... kalo aku sih paling suka yang southpark , karena dari ak sendiri ak suka banget nonton southpark ..
terakhir slamat mencoba n have fun yah ! :*
sumber : klik disini :))
ak baru abis ngaskus , dan secara kebetulan ak ketemu beberapa website yang bisa menghilangkan rasa bosan ! :))
check it out :
1. Chatting sama God pake iGod ( thumbs up deh for this one :)) )
2. Tikus cerdik yang bisa menebak angka dalam pikiranmu ! ( this one really is genius :O )
3. Jin penebak tokoh dalam pikiran kamu ( just play ! PLAY ! /XD )
4. World Clock Super ( semua dihitung dia ! dari orang mati , muda ampe tua , smua ! worth browsing ;) )
LOL try it ! i just wanna share something cool with you guys :)) have fun !
mau tau sumber ? klik disini :))
note that when i write this article , my head is hurting like hell .
and note to yourself ; this is another useless asrticle you`re reading :P
sangat sering d gunakan dalam suatu hubungan pacaran, terutama bagi kaum remaja . (yea okay . okay .. termasuk aku 8-|)
so sweet , dmana2 bertaburan cinta dan kasih sayang , dan seperti kalimat d atas , satu sama lain saling memiliki .
but suddenly , random thoughts , aku berfikir .
hmmm ..
apa beneer saling memiliki ?
apa kata itu terlalu .. i mean .. possesive ? :/
idk ... mgkn ini cuma perasaanku saja , karena kan hubungan pacaran adalah tahap dmana satu sama lain mengenal , bukan tahap dmana satu sama lain memiliki .
hhmmm .... :-?
lol ak sendiri jadi ikut bingung juga :))
but anyway ..
this is just a random post ;)
sigh ... so tired today , haven`t eat whole day and haven`t done anything useful yet :(
my head is gyrting all the time , abd idk why i dont feel like doing something ..
is it because me and kevin arguing again ?
no .. noo .. everything is fine , at least for nao .. :)
well idk , just feel very ia ..
lol imma stop talking bout CPs . they really are a waste of mah time .
now it`s time to talk about mah love life :3
im soooooooo in love with kevin ~
yes i do , and i do realize too i randomly hates and loves him over and over again .
but i think that`s normal !
cos that`s what dating is all about :3
just now (i mean at around 11 pm) we talk about mah pimples (which just don`t talk about it) and then he`s comforting me over and over again and he try to make me be confident to mahself .
i mean how sweet is thaaattt ~~
that is soo sweet of him for staying up late just for cheering me up :3
but that`s not the point , what i want to say is when we talk about how we first met .
OMG i wuuvs hiiimmm ~~~~
he said he stared at me for a long time which i stupidly didn`t realize .
i mean , he stared only me , in a crowd full of other pretty gals , he stared only me !!!!
the one and only me !!!!!!
lolololol ~
i was sssooooooooo lucky ~
i didn`t expect that i was soo special in his eyes .
now imma love him more that i used to .
just like insomnia .. haaaa ..
just like insomnia , haaa ...
prett ~
stop .
lolol ~
you see , just like the title , i am sooo insomnia .
i slept at 9 pm , n then woke up at 1 am , then i can`t sleep any more @___@
it`s like the brain call you to stop sleepin` or whatever @__@
that sucks coz i hate stay up late doin` nothin but online @__@
n now it`s 5 am , i`m damn tired .__.
damn imma become a nocturnal* .___.
P.S : nocturnal it`s a creature that sleeps at days and wake up at night
ffffiiiuuuhhh ~~
snengnyaaa ~
ak baru abis dari dufan ama temen2 baru ..
anak klas dkv c ;)
emang mantep2 smua deh ..
stres stres stres !!!
headset ksayangan ak ilang .... huaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
ak gg tau dia ilang kmana , yang jlas dia ilang waktu ak lagi d busway or whatever laaahhh ;(
hiksss ....
headsetku syang ...
pasti dia uda mnemukan pemilik yang baru ..
mudah2n sih pmiliknya baik , gg ska kkerasan ..
hiks ...
headsetku ..
FML FML FML !!!!!!!
jam 5 pagi Q___Q
fasdkjfakldsjfaklsdjfa;sldkjfasdlkjfasldkjfasldk ding dingd dingggg ~
otak ak triak2 sudah , cma d kasi tidur dua jam ..
smlm gra2 nntn street dance jadi pulang jam 12 , alhasil smpe kos siap2 tdr dll mpe jam 2 , baru smpt tdur ..
otak ak bner2 shrink deh .. hiks hiks T__T
nih lagi siap2 buat kuliah ..
ntar jam 6an uda arus grak , berhubung jakarta si kota sibuk kalo pagi2 busway rame n totally macet bukan main .. (and i`m serious , it`s WAYYY macet)
hhheeeuuuhhh .
cma bsa tarik nafas buang nafas deh ..
smalam ak d kasi slam ama kevin ,
katanya ddeg krm slam ,
huh ...
tba2 ak jadi kangen ama smua tentg pinang .
mama , kk , ddg , mbak , bang mithek ..
msakan2nya , sabbath , ama ranjangku ..
smua !
ak gg bsa lagi bermalas2n d ranjangku lama2 kyk dlu ,
ak gg bsa lagi pergi2 k ruma pinge ssring dlu ..
waktu idupku bner2 tersita smua smpe2 buat smsn aja susah*
percaya ato gg ..
mpe kevinpun uda muak ama ksbkanku ..
jgnkan kevin, ak aja muak kok ..
sumpah deh ..
kalo ak d kasi 3 permintaan ama genie ,
pertama ak pengen klrgaku idup bhagia m gg perlu bingung soal uang ,
kdua ak pengen nikah ama kevin* (eehheheheheheheheheehehehehehehehe :P)
ktiga pulang k pinang ...
walau d pinang gg smewah jakarta ,
walau d pinang banyak cina2 gg jlas yg ska diskriminasi ,
walau d pinan orang2ny pada berpenampilan norak ,
but it`s my home after all ..
i miss my home ..
somebody said i`m ugly a few days ago at mah formspring .
i mean , it`s not a biggy tho , but hey , i don`t even recognize you . wtf with saying i`m ugly ?
that maeks me think a lot these days .
there are too many haters in this world . wtf is happening to their lifes ?
why do they liek hate ppl with no reason ?
is it because they don`t have the ability to be awesome and because of some random jealousness they hate ppl ?
oh liek come on .
if you don`t have the ability to be awesome , become one .
maek yourself awesome by improving yourself or whatever it is , not by hating ppl .
that is sooo effing rude .
i`m not liek angry or whatever tho ,
i`m just being concern for those poor haters .
i can get some sleep now ~
finally i can heve some rest , and finally me and my kevin is good now , yaaaayyyy ^___^
i have one assignment still waiting for me tho , but i sure don`t want that to ruin my beautiful day ~
my pimple gets even worse @__@
i hate that . yes i do .
sistaa say that it`s normal coz my age is the age when hormon produces the most .
but why my friends don`t even heve onnnneeeee Q__Q *cries*
sometimes i`m embarrased tho with my friends , i`m not comfortable enough .
but i`ll keep on trying to be comfortable ^___^
OMG my english is soo horrible @__@
do you guys get what i`m saying ?