Finally, i have finished my first assignment XD

lolololll finallllyyyyy D:
lol, i still have a lot of assignment to do tho, but at least i have done one now , better than just whining lol :D
i`m so tired of typing but still , i have to blogg this XD
i`n so happy XD
(lol thumbs up for being happy to for something unimportant)
i didn`t text my kevin frm 3 pm tho, we had a lil` fight because of my unconscious cancel for fasting .__.
he said he`s dissapointed with me ;(
of course i`m sad lah, but what can i do ?
i can`t just like go back fasting and pretend it`s never happen or whatever maahh, that is soo munafik to do you know .__.
(how do i say munafik in english hah)
but anyway i know i`m wrong and i`m so sorry and i hope he forgives me :(
i miss him so much. so muchhh !!!!!
i wonder what is he doin` over there at semarang :(
i miss you so much bebb ;(
huggg me kevin \;(/
(joohh nonsense, he`s mad at me. he won`t hug me ;( FML)
anyway, back to my topic, i still have 4 more assignments to do, and it`s all drawing and drawing XD
dosennya suru kami gambar 3 benda sekeliling dan 1 meja belajar with shading tho, i got no problems with drwaing the thang but what`s with the shading, haaaaahhh ???
i am sooo can`t draw shadow, and the first day of college ive already been called to draw a effing shadow.
ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuu ~
i thot shading is one of the things i will learn later when i go to college, but in fact i`m so wrongg .__.
if you wanna go for design, you really have to be able to draw.
and that`s really FML for me.
jjjoooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!1
anyway that`s all for now lah, my crap it`s all over my blog now , lol i really wish i don`t just fill this blog with loads of crap but blogs that filled with knowledges and proper grammar huuuhuuu .__.
see you later ~
i`m tired of typing lololol ffffffuuuuuuuu XD

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