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What do you want your name to be on my affie list?
I want you to put my blog link's name as SUSAN. Nothing else. Capitalized letters is optional, though.

What if i'm on hiatus?
I checked every single blog i put on my affie list first before i do a review so if you're on hiatus for 3 months or worse, more than that, sorry i will have to delete you from my affie list cause i don't wanna promote an inactive blog.

Some of your blogrolls are on hiatus. Why are you still keeping them?
BECAUSE THEY'RE CLOSE TO ME. So whether they're on hiatus or not i will still keep them in my blogroll list.

Why does my name not listed on the blogroll list?
Blogroll list is like a VIP section of my affiliates list. Only close blogger friends are included there.

I'm very close to you, why is my name not listed there?
Because i only put maximum 5 affies there. Sorry :/

Do you accept banner exchange?
I don't, i only do link exchange. I think banner exchange is kinda stupid cause it'll only make your blog load slower by all those GIF pictures. No offense. :/

I've done link exchanges with you before, why is my blog not listed here?
It's because my previous link exchange file is lost; i'm doing this all over again. So if you've linked me but you didn't see your name here just tell me through guestbook i'll link you up right away. OK?

I have an online shop / graphic site / any business site. Can you list it here?
Of course, but only if you list me too on your site.

That's about it. If you want to be included in here just inform me through guestbook.
Thank you have a good day!

Currently : 55 affiliates. Link exchange with me today!

  1. Angel - Sushi-Sama.
  2. Amabel - 遠い夢 ★ TŌI YUME
  3. Ash - Up All Night.
  4. Acenana - Jellove
  5. Anna May - Au revoir darling

  1. Bee-chan - Weird-babe; WEIRD & PROUD.
  2. Benitta B. - Serendipity

  1. Clarissa - butterfly - Featured in Blogroll List
  2. Char-Nina - Char and Nina
  3. Chelsea - ミ★Chelsea's Blog☆彡
  4. Chikage - クレアのブログ
  5. Camryn - FIGHT YOUR B▵TTLES
  6. Callista - -
  7. Chahime - Her Sanctuary


None yet. Maybe you?

  1. Echa - //Edelweiss Bouquet.

  1. Fiffy - But Ter Cup Cup Cup

  1. Gabby - Aere Perennius


None yet. Maybe you?

  1. Ika - Warm Cup of Coffee On a Rainy Day - Featured in Blogroll List
  2. Ice - icebego
  3. Ieya - Beyond Cosmos;

  1. Jeca - 29TH ~ OF APRIL.
  2. Jeini - A Monosodium Glutamate's Blog
  3. Jaime - OmgJams
  4. Janice - Janice's ™ ❤

  1. Kitty - <CodeIsLove> - Featured in Blogroll List
  2. Kirby - designl
  3. Kianata - Fajar Rizkiana Dewi
  4. Krystal - ★ krystal latte
  5. Kate - I.FLAUNT.NU - That's it baby, when you got it, flaunt it!

  1. Lmyx - Le Myxilog v3.0 - Featured in Blogroll List
  2. Lionel - Lionel Lim - Featured in Blogroll List
  3. Lulu - 8blackroses

  1. Martin - Numbers of the Sky ;; V12
  2. Mira - Hidup Mahu Hepi Meh
  3. Mi - Just Be Mi
  4. Miki - Unexpected Journey.

  1. Nova - the head & the heart
  2. Nada - Rekaman Perjalanan


None yet. Maybe you?

  1. PuiLing - why


None yet. Maybe you?

  1. Rainy Martini - Rainy Martini
  2. Ryumii - Welcome !

  1. Sasha - Hangul Zone
  2. Shane Austine - Shane Austine
  3. Steroyalxx - catharsis.
  4. Supah Diva - Supah_Diva

  1. Tatit - // Cursing Concrete


None yet. Maybe you?

  1. Vlary - blended imaginations
  2. Valerie -
  3. Vivian - Jar of Rainbow
  4. Veron - Joy to the World!

  1. Wan Ting - the wink of a million stars - Featured in Blogroll List

  1. Xiaoweii - Fantacie-Love♥
  2. Xochitl - { ғaυх · тeeтн }

  1. Yyong - 《soggy ramen》
  2. Yann - myluckystar;


None yet. Maybe you?

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