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Ngurusin surat itu ga pernah menjadi hal yang menyenangkan buat orang. Buat gue, perpanjang paspor rasanya udah kayak mission impossible banget. Ini ceritanya. Semoga membantu.
You'll be amazed by just how many phones I have used within my 23 years of age.
....and here's why.
No, i am not hurt right now nor in a fight with my boyfriend whatsoever. It's just my thoughts about this particular line, and from my experience, it always ends in a not-so-pleasant situation. Let me tell you why.

Dear God, i wanna spare some time of mine, for saying thank you to You.

I can hear my heart shatters into pieces when you said you're going. No, you're not going away from my life, but you're leaving me.
I am an introvert, and i can't be more comfortable being that way :) But sometimes people (especially extroverts) are misunderstood by our behaviour and make a negative conclusion of how we act a certain way.

In my 21 years of life I had never stepped my foot into a club. In my 22th, I lost my clubginity. And here's what i think about clubbing in overalls.

Years and years of your life, you've been on and off countless relationships. Some left you a memorable and beautiful memories, while some are just plain hurtful and you wished you'd just forget it and move on.

I’m crying. I need help.
I don’t want to do this anymore.
I am tired of myself.
I am tired of living.
I am tired of everything.